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Fendi Belt

Kenzo Kung Fu Rat Jumper

Carhartt Hoodie

Patagonia Hoodie


What is Fred's Fashion?

Fred's Fashion is a men's designer clothing website that features a range of brands and styles to suit everyone’s unique fashion preferences. We are constantly adding new items to our catalogue and so make sure you sign up to our newsletter to get notified when new items are added! We are also always up for suggestions about new items that should be added to Fred's Fashion so if you have any designers or items that you think should be featured drop us an email ( or a DM on Twitter (@fredsfashion). If we love the item as much as you do and it gets featured, you’ll get a mention on the page and get a link to your website or social media!

Fred's Fashion Blog for Men

Fred's Fashion also features a fashion blog for men that has been created to help people learn more about fashion and help you stay ahead on the latest fashion trends. We aim to release a new blog post every other week but occasionally that can be delayed, but make sure you follow our social media to get notified when a new blog post is getting released! We pride ourselves on being a fashion blog for men that creates unique and quality content that our readers will enjoy and learn something from.

Gucci fashion shoot, brown trainers


Price: £615

Why Choose Fred's Fashion?

One of the best things about Fred's Fashion is that we only add items to our website that we genuinely love and would wear. Some of the bigger men’s designer clothing websites get paid to feature items which means that you might just be seeing paid placements. Our promise for Fred's Fashion is that we will not ever include an item on our website that we wouldn’t wear. This means that as you are browsing our catalogue you can have 100% faith that everything you see is of high quality and style!

About the Brand

Each item in the catalogue of Fred’s Fashion has a short synopsis of the designer that created that product. We added this feature because as the consumer, we thought you would like to know a bit more about the designer that you are buying from, including a bit of the history behind the brand. We have kept these short, so you don’t have to take hours reading over a Wikipedia page or searching through pages on their website. The about the brand section can be found underneath the item that you are viewing and you can help teach you something new about your favorite designers. We hope you enjoy this feature on Fred’s Fashion as much as we enjoyed doing the research to create this content for you!


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