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Louis Vuitton X Supreme Scarf Photo's Courtesy of Vogue Runway, Collage Made by Freddie

As winter is fast approaching, now is the perfect time to stock up on those winter essentials. In this blog post, we will be going over clothes every man should own over the winter that will keep them warm and looking stylish. With this list, you can either decide to shop on a budget, or you can splash the cash and buy the luxury essentials, such as a Louis Vuitton scarf or a cashmere Burberry coat!

1. Scarf

It will come as no surprise that a scarf is on this list, but even though it is obvious, it is still an essential. A scarf is the perfect accessory to keep your neck warm, but it can also help to pull together an outfit. A scarf is also an excellent way to blend colours together and add texture to a plain outfit in order to spice it up a little bit. There are so many options when it comes to scarfs which means that it is an ideal way to show off a bit of your personality.

Louis Vuitton X Supreme Scarf

2. Quarter Zip Jumper

Quarter Zip Sweaters are the perfect item to pull off the smart casual mix. They are perfect when paired with jeans or even something with a collar such as a shirt or polo. Loads of designers make stunning quarter zips; I would recommend having a look on Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger and Brunello Cucinelli.

3. Sherpa Trucker Jacket

A trucker jacket is the perfect winter piece, because they are extremely warm, and they look amazing. Another great thing about these jackets is that they can be styled with basically anything, from a striped t-shirt to a hoodie and if you can pull off the double denim look, then this is the perfect opportunity!

Sherpa Trucker Jacket

4. Black Jeans

Black jeans aren’t just a winter essential, but they are a vital item of clothing that all men should have in their wardrobe. They are the perfect item to pair with your outfit if you don’t know what else will go and they are so versatile that you will find yourself wearing these jeans all the time.

5. Knitted Jumpers

A knit jumper is ideal for a cold winters day. They go with almost everything and all occasions, meaning you will never run out of places to wear your jumper to. The knit jumper below is from Ami Paris and is my all time favourite. I love the oversized fit, soft texture and colours. View Here

Ami Paris Oversized Sweater

6. Puffer Jacket

Puffer jackets are extremely popular with the younger generations and are a staple in most of their wardrobes. They provide warmth and comfort whilst keeping you looking good. Even though they are popular with teenagers doesn’t mean that they aren’t perfect for every man, look at brands such as GANT and Timberland for a smarter puffer jacket.

7. Wool Car Coat

If the puffer jacket suggestion wasn’t your style, then maybe a car coat will suit you? A car coat was originally worn by people driving cars and racing drivers as a way to keep warm because often the cars didn’t have roofs. A car coat goes down to your mid-thigh and can be done up with buttons. Burberry do some amazingly stylish car coats that are made from cashmere and are of the highest quality. Here is a link to an example

Burberry Trench Coat

8. Hoodies

Hoodies are probably the best piece of clothing for comfort and warmth. A first-class item to lounge around the sofa with and for those cold walks to buy some milk. A hoodie doesn’t need to be all about comfort however, they can also look classy. Have a look at some of the hoodies on Fred’s Fashion (link here) a good design and slim fit can make a hoodie in to a more presentable item.

9. Pyjamas

Cold nights can ruin a good night’s sleep, which is why pyjamas are the perfect winter essential. There are thousands of designs you can choose from and loads of different materials so you can choose what’s best for you. Perfect for sleeping and lounging in front of a fire on a cold winters night.

Dolce and Gabbana Silk Pyjamas Dolce & Gabbana Silk Pyjamas (£1,430)

10. A pair of dark shoes

Winter is cold, wet and muddy, especially in the UK. For this reason you don’t want a pair of white shoes because they will just get ruined. Also, in the winter you tend to wear more dull colours such as greys and blues, which means that you won’t want a pair of bright coloured shoes because they will just stand out. For this reason have a pair of blue, grey or black shoes in your wardrobe because they will be perfect for the winter.

11. Oversized Clothing

Winter is all about comfort, warmth and style, which is why oversized clothing is perfect. Oversized has become increasingly popular in streetwear which is why we are seeing it more and more in everyday clothing. Some of my favourite designers for oversized clothing are Ami Paris (as seen before), Gucci, Neil Barrett and Off-White. Jumpers and Hoodies are perfect for the oversized look but it also works well with t-shirts and shoes.

Off-White oversized tshirt

12. Fleece Jacket

The first thing that pops into my mind when I think of a fleeced jacket is not style… However, if you are looking for something that is warm and comfy, then a fleece jacket is ideal for you. You can get some quite nice ones from brands such as Tommy Hilfiger and North Face if you are looking for one a bit more stylish. Perfect for loungewear.

13. Dressing Gown

My dressing gown is probably my most worn item in my wardrobe, especially in the winter! I wear it all the time, basically every time I’m in my house, I’m wearing my dressing gown. They are so comfortable and warm, you would be crazy if you didn’t have one. You can get a basic one from John Lewis (which is what I have) or you can push the boat out and get one from Versace that is personalised with your name. You are wrong if you don’t think you need a dressing gown!

Versace Bath Robe

So there you have it! 13 of the most stylish fashion essentials for winter. What was your favourite? Let us know by sharing your opinion on Twitter or Facebook (@fredsfashion) and we’ll give you a shoutout! Also, make sure you subscribe to our newsletter so you don’t miss out on any new posts!

Author: Freddie Ratsma

Published: August 2020


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