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Freddie Ratsma

Hi my name is Freddie Ratsma and I created Fred's Fashion because I decided I was going to teach myself how to code in HTML and CSS. Once I had learnt, I needed something to practice my skills on, so I decided to make a website. I didn't really have any ideas on what website I wanted / needed so I chose to do a fashion website because I find it interesting and it wasn't too bad spending my time browsing for really expensive clothes to feature in my website! As you can probably tell by reading some of the descriptions, I am not a proffessional fashion blogger so please excuse any errors in my English... If you have any suggestions about how to improve my website, please don't hesitate to contact, see email below.

Picture of Fred in a red Karl Lagerfeld jumper

Joanna Ratsma

Hi, I’m Joanna a 21 year old who has recently graduated from the University of Kent with a psychology BSc. During quarantine my brother came up with the idea of creating a website to blog his favourite fashion trends and ideas. Having spent the last three years of my life endlessly writing and editing essays I thought I’d help him out. Hopefully this will help me retain some of my English skills, allow me to try a new style of writing and prepare me for my Forensic Psychology MSc that I hope to start in September 2020. Although I am not as much of a fashion savvy person as Fred, I hope editing this blog will allow me to expand my knowledge on such areas! This is my first time editing, so any tips or complaints feel free to email or message me on my Instagram @joannaratsma

Picture of Joanna in a yellow gym shark tshirt



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Please note that the images that I have used are not mine. I have tried to give credit by giving a link to the website for all of the images that I have used, however, if I have missed any I am very sorry. Please email me to get any of the images removed from the website and I am happy to remove them / give you credit.


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