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If you’re someone like me who loves to scroll through fashion websites, browse at luxury designer clothing and contemplate what your next buy will be, then this is the article for you! There are so many different websites that sell designer items which can make it hard to differentiate between those selling legitimate products and those who don’t. In this blog post I will be going through some of the best websites to purchase designer pieces online and where you can get the best deals and customer service.


Farfetch is the website that I use the most when browsing for new fashion items or when I want to add some new items to Fred’s Fashion Boutique. It releases hundreds of new items every day meaning there is an endless stream of clothes and accessories to browse. It often hosts sales which can be up to 50% off items from your favourite brands such as Off-White, Ami Paris, Balenciaga and lots more. Farfetch has a website and an app meaning that it is accessible with only a few clicks. The mobile app is sleek and easy to use, and the website is minimalistic and clear making it as uncomplicated as possible to shop here. Farfetch also gives a 10% student discount which can result in a lot of savings which makes it the perfect online shop for students.

Layout of Farfetch Website


MATCHESFASHION has an amazing 4.7 star rating from Trustpilot which proves that they are a trustworthy and dependable place to buy your designer items. Their website is clearly laid out and easy to use which is perfect for browsing. They also offer an app which can help make mobile viewing easy. A feature which I like on MATCHESFASHION is their podcasts, which helps you find out about the latest trends and fashion news. I also like the fact that they offer an essentials category which displays various fundamental items that are wardrobe must haves, and some staple items to give you something to wear for all occasions. In addition to this, they offer runway looks that display all of the key pieces from this year’s fashion shows allowing you to browse items that are fresh off the runway. These are a few really unique and cool features of MATCHESFASHION that help you discover items and trends that you might not have been able to easily find on other websites. They also offer competitive prices, good sales and unique features which is why it has been featured on this list and is the reason why it is one of the most highly rated designer shopping websites.

Layout of MATCHESFASHION Website

Mr Porter

Mr Porter is probably the largest website on this list, and is the male version of Net-A-Porter. It has many different categories of clothing and is the only website on the list that has sportswear, with features on sports such as golf, tennis and running. Alongside this, it has a homeware section and a grooming section which are some really nice features. Due to it being a very large and well-known brand, Mr Porter can offer really competitive and low prices resulting in the promise of a fair deal. Unfortunately Mr Porter has one major drawback, this is a 2-star average on Trustpilot. This is mainly due to reported poor customer service, with people complaining about returns and random order cancellations. I personally have never had an issue with Mr Porter but I have only ordered from them once. The item arrived quickly and was of high quality leading Mr Porter to be featured on my list.

Layout of Mr Porter Website


SSENSE has a vast inventory of items which gives you a lot of choice when browsing for products. One complaint I have it the website which is rather poorly designed and can be difficult to use. This is a bit disappointing from a large retailer such as SSENSE. Website aside, SSENSE does deliver amazing sales which means that you can get some sensational deals on your favourite elite brands. I have personally heard mixed reviews from friends that have used SSENSE, some getting amazing deals in the sale with others reporting that they have been let down in the customer service area. Overall, I have only had good experiences with SSENSE, which is why it features on this list, but if Farfetch are offering the same price, then I would recommend purchasing it from them.

Layout of SSENSE Website

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I personally don’t think that online shopping will ever overtake the satisfaction of buying something in store. For me I love travelling up to London and seeing the item in person before I spend a lot of money buying it. With that being said, all of these listed websites are amazing and browsing their inventory is really useful for discovering new designers that you can fall in love with (this was Ami Paris for me). Even better than that, you can then take full advantage of their amazing sales!

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Author: Freddie Ratsma

Editor: Joanna Ratsma

Published: June 2020


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