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Best Suits For Men

Every man needs at least a suit or two in his wardrobe for special occasions. Whether that be a wedding, prom or a dinner party, a suit is one of the most essential pieces of clothing for any aged man. One of the great things about owning a suit is that there are so many different options to choose from, but this does mean that it can be a bit daunting if you are overwhelmed with too much choice. In this blog post I will be going through 4 different suits at different prices that are perfect for every occasion.

£: Next Check Suit

This suit from Next comes in blue with tan checks and looks smart and elegant. Coming in at £84 for the jacket and £45 for the trousers, so a total of £129 for the whole suit. This is very reasonably prices due to the fact that this suit is very high quality. It comes in a range of different fits ranging from regular fit, slim fit, skinny fit, tailored fit to super skinny fit, so you can make sure that you find the suit that fits you perfectly. There is also the option to buy the matching waistcoat which would look really good for more formal events, such as a wedding.

Buy Now Next Suit in blue and tan

££: Moss Bros Grey Suit

Moss Bros is a brand that is know for their high quality and stylish suits, so it is no surprise that they have featured in this blog. This suit comes in a marl colour (light grey) and a range of different fits, so you can find the fit that’s right for you. The price for the jacket is £119, the trousers are £80, so the total for the whole suit is £199. There is also the choice for a waistcoat which is £70. One of the best features of this suit is that is a performance suit. This means that cold liquids will roll straight off the suit meaning that there is less chance for stains or creases. This is a smart suit that is perfect for both work and weddings and the grey makes it a lighter and happier suit.

Buy Now Grey Moss Bros Suit

£££: Hugo Boss Blue Suit

Made from virgin wool, this suit from Hugo Boss is of supreme quality, meaning that it will last longer and look better than cheaper suits. It comes in at £645 for the 3 piece suit and comes in a range of fits, such as slim and tailored. The colour of this suit is very smart and brighter than the common navy suit meaning you won’t look like every other person in a suit. An amazing all-round suit from Hugo Boss that is perfect for most events, such as prom or a dinner party.

Buy Now Blue Hugo Boss Suit

££££: Alexander McQueen Crystal Embroidered Suit

This suit is personally one of the most beautiful pieces of tailoring I have ever seen, it looks simple from afar but when you get closer you get a sense of the elegance of the crystal embroidery, displaying the classic Alexander McQueen style. This does, however, mean that it carries a high price tag of £3,790 for the jacket and £575 for the trousers. This suit is the perfect statement piece for you wardrobe and would fit right if you were on your way to receive an award at the Oscars or if you’re going to the Met Gala. This is the suit of my dreams which is the reason why it has made it onto this blog post and whoever gets the chance to wear this suit is, in my opinion, a very lucky and privileged person (hopefully I’ll have the chance to wear it on my wedding day).

Buy Now Black Embroidered Alexander McQueen Suit

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The most important factor which decides whether a suit will look good or not so good is it’s fit. This is why I would recommend, if possible, to try on the suit you are going to buy, rather than ordering it online. This is because, even if you know your size, you want to make sure that it sits correctly on your shoulders and isn’t too tight that it restricts movement. I hope you have found a suitable suit (no pun intended) that is within your price range and matches your personal style in this blog. If you have please share with your friends and check out some of our other blog posts.

Author: Freddie Ratsma

Published: May 2020


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