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Gucci X Disney photo shoot

Luxury brands are everywhere nowadays, from being worn by your favourite celebrities on social media to being seen as you are strolling the streets of London whilst doing a bit of shopping. It is becoming increasingly common to see the younger generations spending their disposable income on elite brand items such as a Gucci t-shirt or a Louis Vuitton jumper. In this blog post, we will be going through which designers I think are new and upcoming in 2020, but also some classic and timeless designers that have released some cool new products or are going to release some new items this year.

Ami Paris

Ami Paris was founded in 2011 by designer Alexandre Mattiussi meaning that it is still a relatively new brand. I discovered Ami Paris last year when I was browsing through the Selfridges website and it instantly caught my eye. The logo is so simple, yet bold and the designs are casual, yet chic. Ami Paris is still relatively small compared to other luxury brands with only 6 boutiques worldwide, however, it has a strong online presence being featured on websites such as Farfetch, Selfridges, Mr Porter and many more. Alexandre Mattiussi’s clothing has been seen on many different celebrities including BTS and Nick Jonas.

Nick Jonas in an Ami Paris hoodie

Ami Paris has been one of my favourite designers of 2020 having bought one of their scarfs and jumpers. They are 2 of my most loved items in my wardrobe and I think that if you choose and item from Ami, then you won’t be disappointed.

Karl Lagerfeld

Karl Lagerfeld is a world renowned fashion designer, having worked at designers such as Chanel and Fendi and has worked with celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Beyoncé. So it comes to no surprise that the clothing brand under his name is such a big success. It is mainly targeted at women’s fashion but still does a lot of great men’s pieces. His latest collection includes his 21 Rue St-Guillaume address and the Bauhaus Print collection. Whenever I am looking for some new designer pieces one of the first places that I look is on Karl’s website. This is because I know that I will be able to find a fresh new item that will be amazing quality and look stylish.

Karl Lagerfeld and Beyonce


No surprise that Gucci has made this list, being one of the most famous and beloved elite brands out there today! Gucci are constantly releasing new looks, such as the Psychedelic range, the Gucci Boutique range and of course the Gucci X Disney range, all of which were released in 2020. One thing that can be said about Gucci is that it never gets boring! One of my favourite styles of Gucci is the classic and timeless star and bee range. This can be seen on wallets, shoes, polo shirts, basically anything from Gucci and it looks really good. Gucci looks as though it will stay in fashion for quite some time which means that it will always be a safe bet if you are looking for a designer piece that will last you for some time.

Gucci Psychedelic photo shoot


Even though Valentino mainly does women’s clothing, it has some amazing men’s pieces. I personally think that their Dreamers range looks really stylish, giving a modern take on the classic Valentino logo. You can get most items that you are looking for with the Dreamers logo from scarfs (which has been featured in the scarfs section of the website) to denim jackets and this shirt as seen here. Valentino is one of the most famous luxury labels out there and it seems to be growing in popularity year after year and is now one of the major brands in the fashion industry. Delivering supreme quality and beautiful styles, Valentino is the perfect brand for all your fashion wants and needs.

White Valentino Dreamers Shirt

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There are hundreds if not thousands of amazing luxury fashion designers, and I couldn’t include them all onto the list! Some honourable mentions include: Versace, Alexander McQueen, Prada and Dior. If anyone else has any more brands that you think should have been include, please don’t hesitate to drop us an email and we may add it / create a part 2 of this blog post.

Author: Freddie Ratsma

Published: May 2020


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